Islamic Finance


At AHP, we understand Islamic finance and have been in the vanguard of the sector’s rapid expansion and development in Indonesia. In fact, we helped the Ministry of Finance draft the country’s first Sukuk legislation, in collaboration with HSBC. We also advised the Ministry of Finance on the issuance of a USD 650 million international sovereign Sukuk in 2009, marking the first such Sukuk offered by the Government of Indonesia. 

Over the years we have amassed a wealth of experience in structuring and implementing sophisticated Shariah-complaint investment and financing transactions -- including complex Murabaha financing, Ijarah leasing, and Mudarabah and Musharakah contractual arrangements. Based on our in-depth understanding of the religious and conventional legal principles that underpin Islamic finance, we are uniquely well-positioned to offer expert and innovative advice on how to conduct any transaction in a Shariah-compliant manner, and to provide the kind of end-to-end solutions that you need. 

Among the important Shariah mandates that we have handled in recent years are PT Indosat Tbk’s IDR 200 billion Ijarah Sukuk, and representing HSBC, Jakarta branch, as facility agent in its USD 292 million Master Murabaha Financing Agreement for PT Pertamina (Persero).

We are currently advising a Malaysian bank on its proposed acquisition of an Indonesian bank and its subsequent conversion into a Shariah operation, as well as the Islamic banking arm of an international bank on the development of Shariah-compliant home financing packages tailor-made for the Indonesian market