Intellectual Property


The intellectual property regime in Indonesia went through a period of intense development a number of years ago when many important questions of law were being hammered out by the courts -- a process in which we were intimately involved through our representation of major players such as music labels, a music publishers’ association and a major U.S. biotechnology firm. 

We offer trademark, copyright, patent and design searches and registration, and regularly mount successful challenges on behalf of clients against decisions of the trademark authorities. Our senior IP lawyers are all members of key associations and are frequently engaged to speak at international events as recognized leaders in the field. Combining cutting-edge expertise and a high level of commercial acumen, we take pride in our results and a high level of client satisfaction, and do our utmost to help ensure the protection of your rights and your peace of mind.

With the continuing rapid development of the ICT sector, we expect a second round of legal clarification and consolidation to commence in the near future, a process in which we are well placed to play a central and leading role.