Legal Updates for April 2018

New Leaders of KPPU Have Arrived

After a lengthy and dramatic setback, the House of Representatives has finally concluded the selection process of the new KPPU Commissioners. Previously, the President extended the tenure of the former KPPU Commissioners to 27 April 2018. On 23 April 2018, the House of Representatives officially appointed nine KPPU Commissioners for a five-year term. The appointments took effect on 2 May 2018. Six out of the nine Commissioners are academics. Only two of those academics are well known in the field of competition law. Of the nine appointments, two Commissioners are long serving members of the KPPU. The remaining Commissioners are new appointments. Therefore, the majority of KPPU's new leadership are newcomers.

The Supreme Court Enacts Regulation on Online Court Case Administration

After implementing the Case Tracking Information System (Sistem Informasi Penelusuran Perkara) as a form of transparency and accountability for our judicial system, the Supreme Court on 4 April 2018 enacted Regulation No. 3 of 2018 regarding Online Case Administration in Courts ("Regulation 3/2018"). Regulation 3/2018 is a significant technological advance for lawyers and individuals. It grants parties litigating in court online access to do these processes: (i) case registration; (ii) court summons; and (iii) issuance of court decision/stipulation.